Product Design Award - Red Dot

Pre-order: December 8th
Launch: December 15th

About bobber

We created a collection of products for those who appreciate purposeful design and decry the superfluous, people who stand behind their work and never compromise. Each embody that blend of pure engineering, reliability, simplicity, and style that make bobber what it is, a product, a tool, for you.

by industry

Over 3 years
of development
and 100 tests

Design Award -
Red Dot 2020

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«If you need easy, affordable, and functional gifts for men to use on a daily basis, the Tumbler by bobber is perfect for your hot or cold-loving, rugged man on the go»

«Finally a mug that doesn’t leak!! Keeps coffee hot and fresh all day. Easy to lock shut to throw in a bag and doesn’t leak»

Customer feedback

«You can tell this is a high quality thermos just by the feel of it when you hold it. Super impressed! Leak proof and keep’s beverages super hot or cold»

Customer feedback

«Not your ordinary tumbler! The moment you get it out of the box you can tell you have a quality product»

Customer feedback

«After comparing different bottles, I ultimately saw Bobber and loved it's sleek style. This bottle looks mature and built to last. It's also a great on the go size that fits perfectly in my cup holder»

Customer feedback

«I thought it would just be another insulated thermos. Nope! I am a teacher and some days I cant get to my coffee to finish it all. At the end of the day I was hoping I had some left... I did but the best part was that it was still hot!!! Oh how I needed my hot bean water!»

Customer feedback

«There's no question it's a quality item: Great design and all the parts, including the hard plastic and the gasket, are sturdy and fit cleanly; even the portable spoon is nicely designed and truly inconspicuous»

Customer feedback

«If you are looking for a great alternative to the over-hyped brands, give the bobber a long, considerate look. The bobber offers a more sophisticated look, keeps cold things colder, hot things hotter, and even prevents spills»