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Strawberry-Citrus Iced Tea

On hot days, there's a craving for something refreshing. We suggest grabbing fresh fruits and making a fragrant iced tea. The Flask thermos will keep the temperature of this drink for up to 72 hours!


— Hibiscus tea – 1 teaspoon

— Strawberries – 6 berries

— Mint – 2 sprigs

— Water – 17 oz

— Half an orange and lemon

— Sugar or honey – to taste


1. Pour boiling water over the hibiscus tea, add sugar or honey after it cools, and mix. Place it in the refrigerator for 30-40 minutes.

2. Afterward, add thinly sliced orange and lemon, as well as strawberry slices and chopped mint.

3. Pour into a Tumbler or Flask and add ice cubes.

Don't forget that for longer temperature retention with ice, it's advisable to pre-chill the thermos for 2-3 minutes.