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Real Chef about tea ritual and healthy breakfast


Big city hero: Svyatoslav

Profession: restaurateur, chef

Hobbies: amateur sports - running, cycling

Favorite drink: Chinese and Taiwanese tea

Quote that inspires: "Where there is a goal, there is no room for failure" Mark Twain

About career:

"I left my position as a chef to work as a waiter." Having climbed the career ladder anew, Svyatoslav "packaged" his experience and became a restaurateur. "The main trick is the ability to keep secrets. Businessmen are afraid that their ideas will be realized by someone else," our hero shares.

He considers the restaurant and hotel business to be one of the most complicated in Russia, also because of the large number of documents. You can lose several million just by failing to read in the regulations how wide a ventilation hole should be. "Many people find the food story romantic... In my case it is more gastronomic - closer to adulthood I would open a winery. Such a spectrum of flavors!" - says Svyatoslav.

About tea:

Tea is no less varied: green, white, red Chinese, gaba. Our hero starts almost every morning with this drink: "I like to have a little tea ritual. I take a table and boiling water in a thermos to brew a drink and sit on the terrace".

Breakfast recipe:

Especially for our subscribers, we asked Svyatoslav to share his author's recipe for a healthy breakfast. So, to prepare a vitamin smoothie "Iron Man", you will need:



—Vegetable milk (coconut milk, oat milk, etc.)



—Rolled oats

—Buckwheat greens (leave overnight in cold water)

The ratio of ingredients is according to your taste. Load the products into a blender and chop them. To tone down the sweetness of the drink, add a little lemon juice.