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Gazpacho in a Jerrycan

Have you been to Spain - the land of bullfighting, flamenco, Gaudi's architecture and, of course, jamon? We invite you to a small journey, where the first stop will be a restaurant with colorful tomato soup. By the way, we will make it ourselves.

Ingredients for two person:

— Tomatoes – 0.3 pounds

— Onion – 1/2 pc.

— Canned papper – 1/2 pc.

— Cucumbers – 1/2 pc.

— Tomato juice - 10 tbs.

— Cilantro – 2 bunches

— Olive oil – 1.5 tbs.

— Red wine vinegar, tabasco sauce - to taste


Chop half the tomatoes, cucumber and onion into small pieces and put into the food processor. Add the red pepper and chop until puréed. Transfer to a bowl.

Add the tomato juice, chopped cilantro, vinegar, olive oil and a few drops of tabasco. Mix well.

Remove the seeds from the remaining tomatoes and cut into small cubes. Dice the cucumber and onion in the same way. Add everything to the soup. Salt and pepper and put in the refrigerator to cool.

Bon appetit, friends!